SEPTEMBER IS THE COAST GUARD LADY'S BIRTHDAY MONTH! - Here are some photos of Lois -  1   2   3

Each year I post the birthday announcement about one of our famous World War II era Coast Guard veterans, Mrs. Lois Bouton, affectionately known to all as "The Coast Guard Lady." Lois served in the U.S. Coast Guard from 1943-1945 as one of the famous SPARs (women in the Coast Guard during that era) with the rank of Radioman 3/c.

For over 45 years, Lois has written well over 50,000 letters to Coast Guard members near and far, spreading cheer and joy about her beloved service and being a pen pal to many Coasties who do not have much contact with friends or relatives, especially when deployed. Several articles have been written on Lois over the past several years about her phenomenal volunteer effort as a one-person communicator. You can easily find these by 'Google'n' "The Coast Guard Lady."

In 2013, Lois was bestowed the honor as an "Honorary Chief Petty Officer," presented to her by the St. Louis Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Mess. Last year, she she was presented the Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service Award by then Commandant Admiral Bob Papp. This particular award is the second highest civilian award issued by the Coast Guard.

On September 21st, Lois will be 96 years old. Since her 90th birthday, she has 'abandoned' her actual birth date, and have chosen to celebrate her birthday for the entire month of September. She loves getting birthday greeting cards in the mail. Each year she receives several hundreds from well wishers throughout the Coast Guard from the most senior rank to new recruits in Cape May, NJ.

Today, Lois is still at it, and hasn't slowed down a bit in her letter writing. By the way, let me remind you, that she actually WRITES her letters! They aren't typed or copied. She keeps up an aggressive schedule of 1200 or so mailings per year. During my visit with her a few weeks ago, I met her mailman, and he told me that Lois gets more mail than anyone else on his route combined, and he added - "...and that's not counting junk mail either!"

So ... with September 1st just a few days away, I ask if you would please take a few minutes out of your day and mail The Coast Guard Lady a Birthday greeting.

Please mail your greetings to:

Honorary Chief Lois Bouton
"The Coast Guard Lady"
1616 S. 16th St.
Rogers, AR 72758

Oh, and by the way - if you write her, expect a response back (guaranteed) as long as you have a return address; and most importantly ... she loves being called "Chief Lois!"

Please feel free to pass this posting on to others.