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CG Base Seattle Traffic Update


Google Maps directions to Base Seattle, courtesy LCDR Jonathan Stehn


New ramp to the Base for those using I-5, courtesy RADM Bert Kinghorn:


1. Get off I-5 at the Edgar Martinez (4th Avenue S.) exit. 

2. Go west until you come to the very last stop light which is just before the viaduct.

3.  Against all your intuitive urges, turn RIGHT away from the CG Base which is right in front of you and onto a ramp that seems to lead to downtown Seattle. 

4.  The ramp will bend around toward Elliot Bay and finally dump you out on grade right in front of the Base. 

5.  Turn right into the base as normal when approaching from the North.


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Last updated: October 12, 2017

To view this information geographically, visit SDOT's Travelers Information Map

Click here to download the PDF of this information


October 10: Yesler Bridge reopens after a 16 month rehabilitation.

October 13 - 16: Lane and ramp closures on NB I-5 at Interurban Ave. S.

October 13 - 16: Eastbound SR520 closed between I-5 and Bellevue.

October 14 & 15: I-5 Express Lanes closed Saturday and Sunday mornings; lanes will reopen in the southbound direction at 10:30AM Saturday, and at 11AM Sunday.

October 14: Montlake Bridge reduced to one lane from 2AM to 2PM.

Note: Information subject to change. Additional construction or events may be planned in the Seattle area.
Questions? Contact:
construction.coordination@seattle.gov or call 206-684-ROAD

WEBMASTER'S NOTE:  We update this page weekly.  Please observe any barricades, be very careful in crosswalks, and watch for pedestrians and bicycles along Alaskan Way.  Click  HERE  for information about the area near Base Seattle (SODO).