Date: January 5, 2018 at 10:39:29 AM PST


For your information:

Tricare Pharmacy Changes:  On Feb 1, 2018, co-payments for prescription drugs at Tricare Pharmacy home delivery and retail pharmacies will increase.  This increase affects the Military Retiree's enrolled in the Tricare program.  (Prescriptions filled at Military Pharmacies are still at no-cost.) Increases:

-          90 Day Supply, Home delivery: Increase from $0 to $7
o   Brand-Name Formulary Prescriptions: Increase from $20 to $24
o   Non-Formulary Prescriptions without a medical necessity: Increase from $49 to $53

-          30 Day Supply, Retail Pharmacy, Generic Prescriptions: Increase from $10 to $11
o   Brand-Name Prescriptions: Increase from $24 to $28

For more information on co-payments visit Tricare site: www.tricare.mil/Costs/PrescriptionCosts <http://www.tricare.mil/Costs/PrescriptionCosts>  and for Tricare Pharmacy Program visit site: www.tricare.mil/pharmacy <http://www.tricare.mil/pharmacy>  .

Fairchild AFB Access, Main Gate Entry-Point Center:  Washington State has delayed the Federal Requirement for the Enhanced Driver's License until October 2020.  For Retirees seeking access for ID card issue, due to expired IDs; the process at the entry-point center is:

Present the expired ID and Regular Driver's License for the individual and this information will be verified in DEERS.  (some type of Photo ID is required to identify the individual) If everything checks out, a base pass will be issued for the new ID card processing station in Bldg 2040.

Please insure DEERS is updated prior to arriving the base.

Excluding DEERS verification: This procedure also extends to bringing non-military family and friends with you to Sponsor them with you to visit on-base services, such as BX, Commissary, etc..

Enjoy the 2018 New Year!

Michael Knapp
Fairchild AFB Retiree Affairs Office (RAO) Director
Bldg 2040